2017 Festival: Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival back for the 2017 National Math Festival!

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem solving. Festivals are held around the country at different times throughout the year. See jrmf.org for upcoming events near you!

Julia Robinson Math Festival Presents: A Celebration of Mind

Explore unsolved math problems and get stumped by expert puzzle-makers. Help Cookie Monster solve his eating dilemmas with Math Plus Academy. Math for Love will guide you through problems using laser beams for billiard balls. Immerse yourself in ThinkFun games such as Shapeometry and Balance Beans.

We’ll present a wide range of intriguing problems, puzzles, and games to share the joy of math with students of all ages. Participants can select a problem they find interesting, and work together with their friends or helpful adults to discover a solution — or unexpected results.

Younger kids may find themselves drawn to such hands-on activities as Space Chips and Chocolate Fix, while older students may enjoy being challenged to solve sudoku squares, or to explore Mondrian art puzzles. Enjoy the classics? Game lovers of all ages can learn the Elwyn and Jennifer Berlekamp Foundation’s best strategies to play Dots and Boxes or the game of Amazons!