2017 Festival: First 8 Studios at WBGH

First 8 Studios at WBGH

First 8 Studios at WBGHThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes First 8 Studios at WGBH back for the 2017 National Math Festival!

The WGBH Educational Foundation has pioneered children’s educational media for decades. First 8 Studios at WGBH is dedicated to carrying this pioneering spirit into the digital, mobile world. First 8 Studios builds and researches new learning experiences for children from birth through age 8, their parents, and their teachers.

Early Math Learning with Technology: Gracie & Friends Apps and Activities

Share the joy of early math learning with your preschoolers while playing the Gracie & Friends apps and activities! With brand new iPad apps to strengthen spatial thinking skills and apps for subitizing (perceiving at a glance the number of items) and equipartitioning (dividing groups into equal subgroups), Gracie & Friends will bring the delight of math to your little ones. First 8 Studios at WGBH showcases public media’s pioneering research and development on how to best use tablet technology for early math learning. (Tablets provided!)