2017 Festival: Young People’s Project

Young People’s Project

Young People's ProjectThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes the  Young People’s Project to the 2017 National Math Festival!

The Young People’s Project (YPP) uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life, and in doing so involves them in efforts to eliminate institutional obstacles to their success. The YPP envisions a day when every young person — regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class — has access to a high-quality education and the skills, attributes, and the community support s/he needs to successfully meet the challenges of their generation. Learn more at typp.org.

Young People’s Project: Flagway Games

Combine speed, athleticism, and precision with mastery of mathematics as you play the Flagway™ Game with us! Invented and patented by Robert Moses, the Flagway™ Game is based on the Möbius Function, which categorizes the natural numbers into three mutually exclusive categories. Flagway™ has the same elements that most sports have: running, scoring points, teamwork, coaching, training, competition, collaboration, and fun. Because of this, people of all ages are naturally attracted to the game. High school students, trained as coaches, will help players shine, regardless of their previous experience!

Flagway Tournament

Come cheer your favorite ‘hometown’ team of 5th and 6th graders from around the U.S. and Ireland who will participate in a friendly two-hour competition, coached by high school students trained as Math Literacy workers! Regions sending teams include Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Alton, IL, Jackson, MS, Miami, FL, and the Republic of Ireland.