2017 Festival: ThinkFun


ThinkFunThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes ThinkFun to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Children love ThinkFun’s award-winning games, mobile apps, brainteasers, and logic puzzles, available online and through major retailers in 60 countries worldwide. ThinkFun aims to be the spark that ignites young minds by translating the brilliant ideas of mathematicians, engineers, and inventors into addictively fun educational games that teach 21st century thinking skills and make learning fun – at any age. Learn more at thinkfun.com.

ThinkFun Games! Celebration of Mind

Come play six of ThinkFun’s most mathy puzzle games: Balance Beans demonstrates how mathematical equations can be represented as weights on a scale; Shapeometry is a geometric puzzle that can be solved algebraically; and Chocolate Fix is a logical deduction system in the form of a symbol-based puzzle. Then try our three new coding games… first time these games have ever been shown in public! Play these great games and talk to us about recreational mathematics and computational thinking.

Math Dice Tournament

Come test your mathematical skills at ThinkFun’s mini Math Dice Tournament Competition! Our experts will get you quickly signed in and trained up, then it’s flat out calculating in the most clever and fun mathematical game challenge you will ever play.