2017 Festival: Paul Giganti, California Math Festival Program

Paul Giganti, California Math Festival Program

Paul GigantiThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Paul Giganti of the California Math Festival Program to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Paul Giganti is the former Director of the Bay Area Mathematics Project at the University of California, Berkeley (now retired) where he worked with K-12 educators, parents, and families in improving mathematics instruction, curriculum, and assessment for all students. Prior to his work at UC Berkeley, Giganti was an elementary and mathematics classroom teacher of all grades, kindergarten through eighth. He has been actively involved in professional organizations that support mathematics educators, and is a past president of the California Mathematics Council. Giganti directs the California Math Festival Program, a hands-on activity-based program for K-8 students, teachers, and families. He also authors children’s literature books with mathematics themes.

Hands-on Geometry Festival for All Ages! Presented by the California Math Festival Program

Join us for a hands-on, problem-solving fair—California Math Festival style! Everybody in your family from grandma to little brother can experience a dozen exciting geometry activities. You don’t have to watch; you’ll find problems that are just right for you! Come have fun doing math with your whole family.