2017 Festival: Natural Math

Natural Math

Natural MathThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Natural Math to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Natural Math is an international community that creates rich, playful, and meaningful mathematical experiences for everybody from toddlers to grown-ups. Everything starts with math stories and math adventures! Snowflakes are examples of fractals and an invitation to explore symmetry. Sliced fruit illustrates integrals and derivatives. Floor tiles form beautiful tessellations. Natural Math helps to organize math circles, publishes books, offers online courses, and addresses parents’ questions in an online forum. Learn more at naturalmath.com.

Natural Math: Hands-on Advanced Adventures for the Five and Younger Crowd

Can you program algorithms without a computer? Can you learn calculus before you learn to tie your shoes? Where is algebraic geometry in paper snowflakes? Join the volunteers at Natural Math to play with accessible, joyful, beautiful activities! The seven principles of Natural Math are adventure, openness, “yes, and” (acceptance, from improv), abundance, bridges, and easy complexity.

Scavenger Hunt

Grow your math eyes! Catch them all: cute, funny, beautiful pieces of rich math hiding in plain sight, all around. Play with wild topology, make leaps of logic, and take calculus to infinity and beyond.