2017 Festival: Math For Love

Math For Love

MathForLove-logo-790pxThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Math for Love to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Math for Love transforms how math is taught and learned by bringing workshops for teachers and students into K-12 schools to inspire a playful, artistic approach to mathematics. The founder of Math for Love, Dr. Dan Finkel, is also the co-creator of the math games Prime Climb and Tiny Polka Dot. His TEDx Talk, Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching, is available online.

Billiard Balls and Laser Beams! Celebration of Mind

Imagine a room made entirely of mirrors. Is it possible that a light bulb could turn on and somehow leave part of the room in shadow? Through hands-on modeling activities, we will explore the surprising and delightful geometry of reflections, and see how geometrical insights can allow us to control the ricocheting of billiard balls on a table and the pathways of lasers off mirrors, straight and curved.