2017 Festival: Laura Overdeck, Bedtime Math

Laura Overdeck, Bedtime Math

Laura Overdeck

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Laura Overdeck of Bedtime Math to the 2017 Festival!

Laura Overdeck is the founder of Bedtime Math, a nonprofit that aims to help kids love math like dessert. Her playful nightly math problems have entertained over a quarter million families via the Bedtime Math app, daily email, and Overdeck’s three children’s books (Macmillan). Her title Bedtime Math: This Time It’s Personal is a Mathical Honor Book. In parallel, Bedtime Math’s Crazy 8s Club is a hands-on after-school math club for grades K-5; it has launched in over 8,000 locations serving nearly 90,000 kids. Overdeck is also chair of the Overdeck Family Foundation. She is a vice chair of the board at Liberty Science Center, and serves on the advisory boards of Khan Academy, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Science Friday, and the President’s Advisory Council at Princeton University. She holds a BA in astrophysics from Princeton and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Bedtime Math and Beyond

Math is behind every football toss, roll of toilet paper, and extra-chunky chocolate chip cookie. But somehow our culture teaches kids that math is a dry, tedious subject exclusively for school hours. Making math 1) social, 2) hands-on, and 3) engaging can overhaul how kids see math beyond the classroom – even to the point of changing MRI images of their brains. See how you can get into the act!