2017 Festival: Dr. Eugenia Cheng, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dr. Eugenia Cheng, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dr. Eugenia ChengThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Dr. Eugenia Cheng to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Dr. Eugenia Cheng is a mathematician and pianist. She is Scientist In Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and won tenure in Pure Mathematics at the University of Sheffield, UK. She is now Honorary Fellow at the University of Sheffield and Honorary Visiting Fellow at City University, London. Alongside her research and undergraduate teaching her aim is to rid the world of “math phobia.”

Her first popular math book, How to Bake Pi, was published in 2015 to widespread acclaim, and she was interviewed around the world. Cheng was an early pioneer of math on YouTube and her videos have been viewed over a million times. She has also assisted with mathematics in elementary schools and high schools for almost 20 years. Her next popular math book, Beyond Infinity, launches in March 2017. She is also a concert pianist and runs the Liederstube, a nonprofit organization in Chicago bringing classical music to a wider audience. Her first art commission is from Hotel EMC2 in Chicago, and consists of mathematical chalkboard installations that will be hung in April 2017.

How to Bake Pi: Math Made Tasty

Mathematics can be tasty! It’s a way of thinking, and not just about numbers. Through unexpectedly connected examples from music, juggling, and baking, I will show that math can be made fun and intriguing for all, through hands-on activities, examples that everyone can relate to, and funny stories. I’ll present surprisingly high-level mathematics, including some advanced abstract algebra usually only seen by math majors and graduate students. There will be a distinct emphasis on edible examples.