2017 Festival: Dr. Colm Mulcahy, Spelman College

Dr. Colm Mulcahy, Spelman College

Dr. Colm MulcahyThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Dr. Colm Mulcahy to the National Math Festival!

Colm Mulcahy is a mathematical magician. He bought his first book of math and magic by Martin Gardner in 1975, and later had the pleasure of getting to know the man himself. His own book on original mathematical card principles, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects, was published in 2013. He has written for MAA.org, the Huffington Post, Aperiodical, and Scientific American. He is Professor of Mathematics at Spelman College. For more info about mathematician Martin Gardner and worldwide annual events in his honor, see celebrationofmind.org.

Mathematical Card Magic! Celebration of Mind

You can learn a lot of math, and have a lot of fun, with a simple deck of cards. We’ll demonstrate and teach half a dozen entertaining card tricks that work by themselves, with no sleight of hand, because of underlying *mathemagical* principles. Algebra, combinations, and probability are just some of type of math that make this mixture of classic and new effects work.