2017 Festival: Dr. Christopher Danielson

Dr. Christopher Danielson, Desmos, Inc. and Normandale Community College

Christopher DanielsonThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Dr. Christopher Danielson to the 2017 National Math Festival!

Dr. Christopher Danielson has worked with math learners of all ages —12 year-olds in his former middle school classroom, calculus students, teachers, and young children and their families at Math On-A-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair. He designs curriculum at Desmos. He is the author of Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies, the shapes book Which One Doesn’t Belong?, and the forthcoming counting book How Many? He blogs about teaching on Overthinking My Teaching, and for parents at Talking Math with Your Kids.

Which One Doesn’t Belong? and Other Ambiguous Math Questions

Ambiguity is a messy place where real and important mathematics begins. What should you pay attention to in a collection of shapes? If you count the number of sides, you’re doing geometry. If you pay attention to shading, you may be thinking about area (the inside part) and perimeter (the length of the boundary). If you pay attention to orientation, you may be working on your spatial visualization skills. Come experience the power of ambiguity for starting rich math conversations, play, and inquiry. Danielson is the Mathical Book Prize award-winning author of Which One Doesn’t Belong? A Shapes Book.

Math On-A-Stick Sampler

Math On-A-Stick is an annual event at the Minnesota State Fair where children, parents, and the young-at-heart play with counting, patterns, geometry, and more. A proper subset of Math On-A-Stick activities is here for you to enjoy with Mathical Book Prize award-winning author Dr. Christopher Danielson. Pattern Machines, tiling turtles, curvy Truchet tiles, and a few surprises are ready to spark your ideas and creativity, so come on in to Math On-A-Stick!